Sound Healing Journeys

Sound Healing Journeys

Elsa Field, Photo by Kim von Coels

"A big thank you for the fantastic sound journey this evening..."

– workshop attendee, May 2019

The healing power of sound has been recognised for millenia and throughout religious and spiritual traditions. As a Priestess working strongly with the element of water I am fascinated by the vibrational power of sound to heal, restore and rejuvenate. I am trained in the Avalonian Goddess tradition and bring this rich knowledge of the Goddesses of this sacred land to all of the work that I do, weaving sacred chants and songs into my sound healing journeys. In addition to the crystalline tones of my voice I also weave in the magic of other instruments including gongs, Tibetan bowls, wind chimes, and ocean drum. 

To experience a sound healing journey with me, you can either attend one of my public events in the Goddess Temple or the Goddess House, or book a private healing session. To book me for a private sound healing journey, please contact me.

Listen to a live excerpt from one of my sound healing journeys...