Invocation of the Goddess Nolava – Digital Download


In this devotional soundscape, hear the voices of the sacred musicians of the Temple of the Goddess in Avalon weave together, inviting you through the veil to experience Her mystery and transformation. Come and be immersed in the love of the Lady of Avalon, She who is known as the Goddess Nolava, Lady of the Sacred Isle, Apple Woman, and by many other names. Hear us invoke Her through chant and song, along with the names of many other Celestial Beings. For Her Love is the pure Love of the Goddess, the Creatrix of the Universe, the essence of Source from whom all things proceed and to whom we all return. 

Vocals by Elsa Field and Jerome Zoran

Recorded on the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, Somerset
The Goddess Nolava is the central Goddess of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, as visioned by Kathy Jones

Produced by J Rokka Music, Glastonbury

Copyright © Elsa Field and Jerome Zoran

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Full running time of 1:00:24